Friday, May 7, 2010

P90X, 20 Miler, Etc's been awhile...but I've been busy. My recovery from the half marathon was good. I actually ran a bit with my wife the next day. I ordered and got P90X last week, so I started it on Monday. Since I'm tapering on my runs in anticipation of next week's marathon, I thought this just might be a good filler.

In a word....intense. I love it though. There are three different programs one can follow, Classic, Double or Lean. I'm going to follow the lean, lots of core work, yoga, etc. I'll keep you posted as to my progress.

Also, took on a 20 miler, my only run this week and last long run. I wanted to make sure I got this in, if nothing else, to test my run strategy and legs. Here's how I did...

Miles 1-5 (10:35): 10:34, 10:33, 10:32, 10:31, 10:32
Miles 6-15 (10:20): 10:21, 10:19, 10:11, 10:21, 10:19, 10:17, 10:11, 10:20, 10:17, 10:18
Miles 16-20 (9:50): 9:48, 9:51, 9:54, 9:56, 9:46

All in all, decent run, the last couple were a bit challenging, complicated by a decent hill and those crazy winds.

Mileage: 20.00
Time/Pace: 3:25:02/10:15
Avg HR: 153
T/W: 58, 20 mph winds, sun

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  1. FGR, please do keep me posted on your progress with the P90X. I admit that I've been intrigued by it, but I've yet to talk to anyone who has used it.

    Nice job running that 20-miler in the crazy high wind we've had around here the last couple days. Best of luck in Cleveland!