Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Run and Hills Together

Another beautiful day to enjoy. I set out for a 14 mile long run and decided to throw in some hill work while I was at it. I don't think, I've done hills like this before, I usually just stick to rolling hills, but I was just "feeling it", so I went with it.

Hill 1 (Baby): 42ft over .23, just a little warm up hill
Hill 2 (Big Brother) 245ft over .97, pretty intense
Hill 3 (Little Sis): 86 over .33
Hill 4 (Never Ending Hill): 600ft over 3.11

All of this in the 1st 6.5 miles.

Ah but the downhills, we nice, a bit tough on the knees though

As far as my long runs I followed my negative split approach

Miles 1-3 (10:21): 10:02, 10:05, 10:17 (kind of erratic here, just getting warmed up and hills)
Miles 4-10 (10:11): 10:08, 10:09, 10:13, 10:11, 10:07, 10:12, 10:09
Miles 11-14 (10:01): 10:00, 9:57, 9:43, 9:09

Mileage: 14.01
Time/Pace: 2:20:48/10:03
Elevation Gain: 1229ft
Avg HR: 141
T/W: 63/sunny, cool

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Too Nice of a Day Not to Do SOMETHING!

I was debating whether or not to take the day off, but I just couldn't. It was way too nice out. So I rode, worked some decent hills too. Ahhhhh....exercise is sooooo goooooooooodddddd!!!!

Mileage: 22.41
Time/Avg Sp/Top Sp: 1:16:21/17.6/40.0
Elevation Gain: 993 ft
Avg HR: 137
T/W: 63/sunny, cool

Monday, June 28, 2010

5 Miles

Today, I found out that I will be receiving a medal for my 3rd place finish. My first award! What better way to celebrate than a 5 mile run.

Mileage: 5.00
Time/Pace: 43:37/8:43
Splits: 8:46, 8:53, 8:53, 8:35, 8:28
Avg HR: 142
T/W: 65, sunny, humid

Ran a bit faster than I wanted to, but felt okay, so I went with it. I also have made myself a bit of a challenge...for every run I do, the last mile has to be the fastest. This is my attempt to work on negative splits in all of my workouts and also help me not start out too fast.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quakerman Duathlon

My first duathlon...I had no idea what to expect, but I sure was charged up to start. I set some general goals, run 7:30/splits and bike at a pace between 20-25 MPH. Other than that, go as hard as I could, as long as I could.

Run 1 (2 Miles, I measured 1.99): 14:25 ( 7:13, 7:12), I was totally amped up and just went with it. I was thinking wow this would be a great pace to finish with! 10th fastest time.

T1: :59, thought I could have moved a bit faster here, but had to walk as soon as I entered. This was a bit confusing, because at the pre-race meeting we were told we could run until we grabbed our bikes. I had my shoes open and ready to receive my feet, bike helmet on my handlebars with straps out. Slight issue locking in my left pedal, but I think I just was anxious to hit the road.

Bike (22 Miles, I measured 20.86): 57:40/Avg Sp 21.7/Top Sp 29.9, pretty nice bike course, some rolling hills, but nothing too challenging. There were some traffic control issues and on this two lap course, I actually missed a turn. It wasn't clearly marked and didn't have flaggers like the rest of the turns. I guess I should have studied the road map better, my fault. I had one of the triathletes that kept me a bit of company and that helped quite a bit. Have I mentioned how much I love my bike? It's so smooth and I feel as though I get so much power out of it, even after only three weeks. In the second lap most of the big time triathletes zipped by me with their full aero bikes. (Sigh) During the bike I took in two servings of Clif Shots (about 200 calories) We didn't get to ride right up to the transition area, so the little run in my bike shoes on somewhat jelly legs was awkward to say the least. I finished the bike with the 2nd fastest time. Nice!

T2: :52 Wow...I found out suddenly that I really kicked my ass on the bike. I knew I was pushing hard, but didn't realize how hard. Legs were very wobbly getting out of the transition area, but I did.

Run 2 (4 Miles, I measured 3.94): 32:57 (8:06, 8:09, 8:30, 8:10) I knew right off the bat that I was not going to get to 7:30 splits. It was all I could do now to target 8:00/mile. The run out of the transition area was a slight downhill a a pretty "rooty" path, not very good for jelly legs. Then a slight uphill, before winding through a quiet, nicely shaded (thank God!) residential area. The race officials handled traffic and directions well. I was just about completely spent at mile 3 and was running on shear will power. I refused to stop running, knowing that if I did, I wouldn't be able to start again. In some ways it reminded me of my first marathon right around mile 23. Anyway....finished this leg in the 10th fastest time.

Add it all up and what do you get?!?

Total Time: 1:45:55

Overall: 4 out of 35, 3 out of 33 men, 1 out of 2 in my age group

This seems impressive for me, but I have to remember that the studs of the day did the triathlon not the duathlon, so I won't take TOO MUCH stock in this place. I didn't stick around for awards, so I don't know if I won anything. I won't complain too much if I get something.

Now on to my race review...

Overall, I think this race went off smoothly, especially for it's second time and the fact that the race director had some vehicle issues on his final course ride through prior to the start. The transition area was monitored well, packet pick up was easy, and there was a decent crowd on the course with tons of volunteers.

What could be improved? I think the timing was a bit messed up. I clocked myself at 1:45:55, but the time on the website was 1:46:56, almost exactly a minute off. There wasn't a gun start, just a lady counting down and saying "GO!" when we were supposed to start. I can imagine that starting two different events (duathlon and triathlon) at two locations at the same time must be tough, but I think a gun or horn would have taken care of this. I had one slightly irritating moment that I didn't discover until my second time around the bike loop, during the first loop I missed a turn. All of the other turns had very helpful people pointing the way. In the second loop I got the right turn, because the flag person was actually there. Hopefully, I didn't add too much time to my ride and I had a few others that were around me that made the same mistake. Again, the race director must have worked tirelessly to get all of this together, one suggestion...never ask a crowd of over 300 people if they have any questions after you review the rules and right before you start!

And lastly, I rewarded myself with this tasty treat....can anyone identify it?!?

Friday, June 25, 2010

4 and Change

Scheduled 4 miles today, but got in a bit extra on tired legs.

Mileage: 4.57
Time/Pace: 40.12/8:47
Splits: 8:53, 8:54, 8:53, 8:46, last .57 4:45 (8:17 pace)
Avg HR: forgot monitor
T/W: 63, sunny

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Port Crane Route 369 20 Mile TT

Time Trial Night!

Tonight was a 20 mile ride. I was a bit apprehensive tonight, because of the distance, only being a few days before a race, and the scary looking hill on the elevation profile, but what the hell right?!?

Mileage: 19.66
Time/Avg Sp/Top Sp: 55:39/21.2/34.1
Avg HR: 160
Elevation Gain: 675 ft
T/W: 71/sunny, then rain

The first 6.5 miles weren't too bad, just some rolling hills, but then came the big haul upwards, 500ft ascent in 2.5miles. It was relatively tough for me, but I made it. On the way back I was flying down the hill I just climbing, when the sky opened up and I was absolutely drenched for about 2 minutes. I wasn't able to take full advantage of this downhill, because I was a bit tentative in the rain.

I think I finished about 8 or 9 out of 18-20. Good fun, tired legs, sore ass.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

4 Miles and Tired Legs

Woke up this morning and my legs felt pretty tired from yesterday's workout. Still did the run at pace, so no worries.

Mileage: 4.00
Time/Pace: 35:22/8:50
Splits:8:52, 8:54, 8:53, 8:47
Avg HR:149
T/W: 70/sunny

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Look Mom! No Socks!!

That's right! No socks. Why? Well, yesterday I purchased a pair of triathlon shoes (pictured) and I guess the deal is you don't wear socks because of the swim and a quicker transition. Also, the don't have any ties, just a pull string to tighten up, if neccessary. I'm not quite ready for a tri yet, but I am doing a duathlon this weekend, so I felt as though I should give these a shot.

The plan today was to run 2, bike 20, run 2 to simulate a duathlon. The transition setup wasn't the best, I had to walk through the hotel lobby to the back where I put my bike and then back out. Didn't do too bad though.

Here's the stats:

Run 1
Mileage: 2.02
Time/Pace: 17:26/8:38
Avg HR: 140

T1: 1:02

Mileage: 20.03
Time/Av Sp/Top Sp: 59:44/20.1/34.4
Avg HR: 146

T2: :58

Run 2
Mileage: 2.00
Time/Pace: 15:50/7:55
Avg HR: 155

Whew! Pretty pleased with this overall. Running and biking without socks wasn't too bad. The shoes are pretty comfortable, I wonder how they will hold up over a longer run.

Monday, June 21, 2010

4 Mile Run

Mileage: 4.00
Time/Pace: 35:35/8:53
Splits: 8:53, 9:00, 8:51, 8:50
Avg HR: 139
T/W: 61, sunny

Ever been asked by someone on the street if you have a smoke while your running? As of today, I have.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shwachman Diamond Dash 5K

My wife and I headed out to Long Island this weekend to visit her sister and because she had tickets to see New Kids on the Block (very embarrassing for her, I know, and NO, I didn't go.) I found a nice little 5K race to run Saturday morning. Here's how I did...

Mileage: 3.09
Time/Pace: 21:53/7:05
Avg HR: 162
T/W: 65/sunny

Splits: 7:12, 7:13, 6:57 (!)

I was very pleased with this, a new PR. I was shooting for taking :02 off per mile from my previous best and was able to get well below that. The course was very flat and fast and the weather cooperated nicely.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My First Bike Race!

As you probably know, I spend my weeks in Binghamton for work (about 3.5hrs away from home). It's tough being away from home, but I have been filling the free time with exercise. I found a nice little bike club (Tioga Velo Club) that has a weekly time trial race series. Tonight, I did my first time trial race. I had no idea what to expect, but it was pretty cool. I got passed by almost everyone in the group, but no worries, it was my first time. I finished 13 out of 15 (ugh!)

Mileage: 10.05
Time/Avg Sp/Top Sp: 27:09/22.2/28.5
Avg HR: 156
T/W: 67/sunny, windy

Just for perspective, the winner did the course in about 21:00. The course was pretty much flat. We had a pretty decent head wind for the first half (about 10-15mph).

3 Mile Run

Mileage: 3.00
Time/Pace: 26:15/8:45
Avg HR: 134
T/W: 61/cloudy, some wind

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ok. I REALLY wasn't planning on doing anything this else today, but about an hour after my bike ride, I got bored and so, I figured, what the hell? So, I did Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and Ab Ripper X.

What I've decided to do as for as my P90X routine is a 4 day rotation. I really don't need to do the cardio discs, I think I get plenty of this. Instead, every week, I will be doing Core Synergistics, one of the Upper Body Discs with Ab Ripper X, Yoga and Legs and Back with Ab Ripper X. That should do the trick, don't you think?!?

I think I'm almost spent. Time for some zzzzzzzzz......


I really wasn't going to go for a ride today, but my bike looked so lonely in the corner, I had to play with it for a little while.

I also learned about presta valves today. My bike doesn't have the traditional screw on/off caps, but this "fancy" style. I didn't know what the heck I was doing when I was trying to fill the tire to the recommended 110PSI, so over course I broke the valve...SSSSSSSSSSSSSS....bye bye air.

Luckily, the bike shop DID show me how to replace the tube, it only took me 1/2 hour. All filled up I was on my way...

Mileage: 22.11
Time/Avg Sp/Max Sp: 1:12:21/18.3/41.9
Avg HR: 134

On a positive note...I didn't fall.

12 Mile Long Run

Goal: 3 @ 10:23, 6 @ 10:13, 3 @10:03

Miles 1-3 (10:23): 10:06, 10:22, 10:21
Miles 4-9 (10:13): 10:13, 10:12, 10:12, 10:11, 10:08, 10:11
Miles 10-12 (10:03): 10:05, 10:00, 9:41

Mileage: 12.00
Time/Pace: 2:01:47/10:09
Avg HR: 134
T/W: 61, overcast, brief period of rain

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


That's right. Like a big ol' tree I fell. No big deal, more about that later. This morning I did my first brick workout. For those of you unfamiliar with this, basically it's one workout immediately followed by another workout, i.e. bike then run, swim then run, etc. Today I was going for a 60min bike followed by a 3 mile run. This was also a good opportunity to practice my transition for the upcoming duathlon and to try out some new gear (i.e. my recently purchased triathlon clothing). The triathlon clothing is a bit different than bike apparel. It still has pouches in the shirt, but the shorts have a much thinner pad that better facilitates running. I also got to use the multi-sport function on my Garmin watch for the first time, very cool. Can you say NERD ALERT!

So, the bike went well. I really didn't notice the minimal padding in the shorts. Close to the end, I came to an intersection with a stop light. I clipped out my right foot and left my left clipped. As I was standing there, I shifted my weight a bit and in slow motion fell over to the left. With my foot clipped in, I had nothing to stop my fall and I was on my side. Very Embarrassing! With no damage done (except to my ego) I stood up, dusted myself off and was back on my way. The motorists were sure to let me know that they had witnessed it all with a few toots of the horn and even a whoop!

Bike Totals
Mileage: 18.95
Time/Avg Sp/Top Sp: 59:55/19.0/38.9
Avg HR: 138

Transition: 1:27, a bit slower than I would have like, but not the ideal set up. I had to put my bike on top of my car and lock it.

The start of the run felt weird, but not horrible. My legs were definitely heavy, but I noticed my turn over seemed much faster. In fact, with a goal of 8:56/mile, I looked down after the 1st .25 and saw that I was at a much faster pace (8:20). As much as I tried I couldn't go much slower.

Run Totals:
Mileage: 3.00
Time/Pace: 25:26/8:28
Avg HR: 146
T/W: 55/sunny

All in all, a very fun workout!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Speed Work and a Ride

Today's Run: 5 x800 @ 3:55 pace

Splits: 3:53, 3:55, 3:52, 3:53, 3:51

Mileage: 6.14
Time/Pace: 58:48/9:34
Avg HR: 145

Today's Bike:

Mileage: 14.33
Time/Avg Sp/Top Sp: 44:34/19.3/30.3
Avg HR: 139

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Susan G Komen 5K

Nice race today. Well organized. It was a bit warm, but tolerable. My goal for this race was to set a PR. Things have been going very well for the past couple of weeks and I was looking to break into the 22's. My target was 7:25 for mile 1 and then 7:20 for miles 2 & 3, with a sprint to the finish. Here's how it went....

Mile 1: Goal 7:25/ Actual 7:24 (-:01), bit of uphill, not too difficult
Mile 2: 7:20/7:18 (-:02), this hurt a bit, but got my wind back at the end of this mile
Mile 3: 7:20/7:08, (-:012), downhill helped tons, killed it
Last .1: :34 (6:01 pace)

Woo hoo! PR! Nice run, felt pretty good at the end...

Mileage: 3.10
Time/Pace: 22:26/7:14
Avg HR: 162
Temp: 75/sunny, humid

Congratulations to my beautiful bride on finishing her first 5K. Running a race with her is much more exciting, perhaps that's where my 40 sec drop came from!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello Beautiful

Oh yes! It's finally arrived. My beautiful new Cervelo P2. After almost a year of researching, shopping, debating, waiting, debating, etc, I finally pulled the trigger and bought it. Isn't it just beautiful. So, first thing this morning I decided I just had to take a ride. This was a bit scary at first. I was a bit tentative not wanting to damage it or fall and make myself look like a fool. However, 30 or so minutes later, I felt as though we were fast friends. The stat nerd that I am, this will give me yet more data to capture and track with my Garmin. Here's what I did...

Mileage: 10.38
Time/Avg Speed/Top Speed: 36:02/17.3/22.9

Let me tell you, riding at almost 23mph is awesome! Even if it was for only a few moments, it was spectacular. I see another ride in the very near future.....

Corporate Challenge

I ran the Chase Corporate Challenge last night. This "fun" run is getting way too overcrowded. It is nice to see so many people attempting this, but what bothers me is the walkers that have no regard for what is happening, that is a RACE (see attached picture of someone who lined up in front of me, courtesy of my wife). There is a clearly marked walkers area, but there seems to be no regard for this. I know for most folks, this is probably a once a year event, so they don't know the etiquette, but I still wonder if something can be done to alleviate this problem. Perhaps a tiered starting time? All, I know is that a was running past groups of walkers (not runners who stopped running to catch their breath) almost up to mile 3. As a result my pace was way off. I was expecting this to some point, but certainly not to this extent. I am only slightly annoyed though, as I now have a new bike (more on that later).

Mileage: 3.53
Time/Pace: 28:27/8:04

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 Mile Run

Mileage: 3.00
Time/Pace: 26:50/8:57
Avg HR: 146
T/W: 48, sunny issues

Monday, June 7, 2010

4x800 (3:55)

Total Mileage: 5.45
Time/Pace: 51:01/9:22
Avg HR: 148
T/W: 58/sunny, cool

Splits (goal 3:55): 3:53, 3:54, 3:54, 3:49

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Crazy Heartbeat and A Sticky Sweaty Tempo Run

Thursday was a bit scary. I set out to do what was to be a simple 3-mile run. A few steps into the second mile my heart started racing. It was a bit unnerving as my heart rate climbed to over 200BPM. What was even worse was that I was only doing a 9-minute pace and I just couldn't get it down. Weird, though this has happened once before (Turkey Trot 2009).

Mileage: 3.00
Time/Pace: 26:55/8:58
Avg HR: 176 (creepy!)

Today was hot and sweaty! No better time for a tempo run eh ? It's been awhile since I've done any type of speed work, so this was a bit tough. It was about 78, sunny and 90% humidity or so. 5 miles total with wu and cd. I was shooting for 3 miles at a 7:45 pace. I made it!

Mileage: 5.00 (with wu and cd)
Time/Pace: 44:32/8:54
Avg HR: 162 (Ah, much better)
Tempo Mile Splits (3): 7:43, 7:44, 7:46

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Sore 10

Perhaps I am too aggressive with my training at times. I can't help it. I love the progress I've made and want to get faster and fitter, so I push, push, push. Today, I woke up at 4am to get in a 10 mile run before work. It may sound crazy, but I love running at this time of day. The air is calm and cool, no traffic and I get to watch the sun come up. I was looking to run around at 10:20 pace, using my negative split training. I didn't have too much of an issue with this, but around mile 8 my knees both stiffened up pretty good. I spent much of the day tenderly moving around, and "rewarded" myself later this evening with a nice P90X session of Core Synergistics.

Mileage: 10.00
Time/Pace: 1:42:51/10:17
Avg HR: 142
T/W: 55/dark, fog

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the Road Again...

After my 16 day, post-marathon lay off, I'm finally back at it. What a great feeling to be running again. I went out for an easy 4 miles, but it definitely was a bit harder than I was hoping for. Decent humidity and a warm afternoon added a bit of stress, but not too much. All in all, glad to be back at it.

I also did P90X Yoga, which is an 1:30 bear of a balance/stretching/core workout. It's pretty tough.

Mileage: 4.00
Time/Pace: 36:06/9:01
Avg HR: 159
T/W: 79/sun, breezy, humid