Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week of 6/6-6/11

4th week of Training Peaks. Totally different workouts than the past few weeks. Nice!

Mon (6/6): AM: Recovery Run @ HRZ1-my watch HR alert was set incorrectly, so I went slower than I should have. PM: Hilly Bike Ride, rode the ESG course in Binghamton, big hills!

Tues (6/7): Had to miss my TT race because of work. AM: Run, Hill strides

Wed (6/8): Bike intervals 5x6min up to 5aHRZ.

Thu (6/9): Run Intervals 4x6min up to 3HRZ.

Fri (6/10): Brick, 90 min Bike, 60 min Run. HRZ 1-4.

Sat (6/11): Komen 5K, 19:14, 11th overall, 2nd in AG. PR!

Sun (6/12): Negative Split Run, HRZ 1-2 1st half, HRZ 3-4 2nd Half

Totals: 111.19 miles
Run: 41.93
Bike: 69.26

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