Sunday, April 3, 2011

Course Change

The Wednesday before I left for vacation I made the decision that I was not going to continue to train for the 6hr race on April 17th. My long runs had been hurting me and with 60+ mile weeks, I was struggling to get in bike training. Right now my head is focused on two types of races, duathlons and marathons. This year's big goal is a Boston Qualifying time. With the new qualifying standards (3:05 vs. 3:10:59), I am going to have to put even more effort into this goal. I've also decided to cap my weekly running miles at 60 for the time being. This is mostly due to time restrictions with my work/travel schedule. I think this is a solid weekly base and I can focus on getting faster within this mileage. My weekly time trial group starts up this week and I am looking forward to strenthening my bike legs, with an ultimate goal of being a solid competitor in the local duathlon scene. (Maybe a shot at the National Dualthon Championships in 2012 in Phoenix.)

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