Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Final Tweak...For Now...

With my struggles for coming up with a solid training plan over the past couple of months, I finally settled on a program called Training Peaks. It is an online based program that has a Virtual Coach that, with answering questions about races you plan and your training goals, designs a training program. Lots of graphs and tracking which excites the nerd in me.

It is a bit of a step away from the training I have done in the past. Training is built around heart rate and total weekly exercise time. Once you've answered a seriers of questions, the Virtual Coach gives you a weekly list of workouts that you drag and organize into a calendar. Once the workouts are completed you can upload your workout data from Garmin or other unit.

It does take some time to set up and get used to, but 3 days into it, I am enjoying the experience. I'll keep you posted.

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