Monday, May 16, 2011

Week of 5/9-5/15

Started off the week strong, but fizzled at the end of the week. Partially hampered by bad weather, but mostly influenced by lack of motivation, I missed my weekly goals. I've been in a training funk for the past month and a half, I need to get my motivation back. I did get re-fitted on my bike, so maybe this will give me a boost.

Monday (5/9): 1hr bike ride, Hill Repeats

Tuesday (5/10): Weight circuit, TT-shaved :40 off my 20K TT (tough little hill at the beginning and end.)

Wednesday (5/11): Planned on doing 18, settled for 12. Also, decided to do the Buffalo Half Marathon, instead of the full.

Thursday (5/12): Slacker

Friday (5/13): Bike re-fitting, more aero position, lower on the front end, aero bars closer together.

Saturday (5/14): More slacking, but went out and got my wife a tri bike, so not a total loss.

Sunday (5/15): 2 mile tempo @ 6:15/pace, felt good, little twinge in my back, weight circuit.

I will get all of my workouts in this week. Toying with using the website. Any thoughts on this???


Run: 20.25 (lame)
Bike: 32.28 (weak)

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  1. Hi Kevin!

    My name is Gena and I work for a tri store online. I happened upon your blog and enjoyed reading about racing in your life. I hope the Buffalo Half goes well and meet your goal! Weathers been horrible out here in CA too :/ Anyway, I am contacting you to see if you are interested in a simple sponsorship. Please let me know at I just wanted to note that you have been selected as you met our specific guidelines. If you are interested just send me a quick note and I’ll send you more details about the potential sponsorship.

    Safe and Happy Training :)