Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week of 5/16-5/22

New week, new training program. I've enjoyed my first week on This program is different from what I've been doing. Instead of focusing on miles per week, this program has me focused on time and HR zones. I can definitely say that I feel fresher after a complete week of training that I have in a while, probably due to less intensity in my workouts. Not sure if this will be good in the long run or not, but I'm going to keep at it for the time being.

Monday (5/16): 12 Mile Run, spent the majority of this run in HR zone 5a (should have been in zone 3.

Tuesday (5/17): 10 mile Time Trial, 25:51 (actual length 10.20) red line HR

Wednesday (5/18): Weights & Hills on bike trainer

Thursday (5/19): Bike Intervals on Trainer & Run with strides at the end

Friday (5/20): Subbed hilly run for treadmill run, due to downpour

Saturday (5/21): Brick workout, HR Zone 2, hard to keep my run HR in zone 2

Sunday (5/22): 1 hr run in HR zone 2, much slower pace to keep my HR in zone 2. Weights.

Overall, I've found that being aware of which HR zone I'm in usually means backing off of the pace. Good? Bad? Undecided at this time.

8:03:28 Training Hrs (not including weight sessions)
Run Miles: 32.92
Bike Miles: 60.04

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