Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 Mile Run

The past couple of days I woke up feeling weak and groggy. I don't normally eat before a run, but today I had some Fiber One and then waited an hour.

Temp: 55
Weather: Misty Rain, Wind

Time/Pace: 28:08/9:23
Weight: 227.4 lbs

I seemed to have more energy running. Pain in legs in two locations; lower left leg inside shin (3 out of 10) right shin front (5). Also, some twinges in left hip. I am icing shins as I blog. Pain as high as 7 by end of run.

I have recently changed my running strategy. I had be trying to improve my time by :02 seconds each day, but after talking with a running friend, he suggested that I stick with a heart rate workout. I am trying to keep my heart rate at 150 +/- 5. I notice that I am going slower, which is frustrating, but from what I have read, this will help with injury prevention and still will help me improve times.

Next week I will be starting a training program from for the half-marathon in September. I also will be sprinkling in races throughout the summer, mostly races with bigger fields, including the Buffalo Runner of the Year Series.

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