Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fartlek Fun

Today I did my first Fartlek. It made the run go by faster, even though my time doesn't suggest that. I began with a 1-mile warm up, followed by 5 miles of fartlek running. I found landmarks throughout my run to run faster towards and then slowed after until recovered and then picked a new landmarks. I also did a couple of "Heart-Fart's" (I think I just made that up), where I ran until I got my heart rate up to 170 and then slowed until back down to 155. Finished up with a 1-mile cool down run.

Temp: 68
Weather: Cloudy

Time/Pace: 1:15:24/10:46
Avg Heart Rate: 157


  1. Fartleks can be fun, especially if you are working with other runners. It can kind of get cutthroat, though...

    How do you feel about the 10K Saturday? Are you ready? How is your back feeling?

  2. I'm feeling much better thanks! I sent in my registration on Monday. Never having "raced" at this distance before, I'm going for the experience. Plus, I like races with large groups of runners, it gets me fired up about running and I can put in perspective where exactly I am in relation to the best.

    It's funny, I'm very competitive, but never have come close to winning. It keeps me going.