Thursday, April 1, 2010


Awesome day! What a change from Tuesday's sleet and wind. Of course, the first nice day brings everyone out of hiding, including the "crazies". My hotel in Binghamton (where I work during the week) is downtown. I had the streets to myself all winter long, but today was an entirely different experience. There are some nicer section of the city, but those seem to be the exception. There was the guy I passed somewhere around my second mile, cheering as I ran by yelling "You can do it! Only 80 miles to go!" Next the fleet of seniors seemingly racing their HoverRound's down the street. The obligatory mother with small child in tow, baby daddy yelling at her as she walked away. Very entertaining!

On to the run. A bit warm, but I certainly won't complain. My body felt a bit sluggish, a bit because of the sudden temperature increase but also just because of general tiredness. I've been chasing sleep all week, and I will sleep until at least 7am tomorrow! Yes, I know, what a luxury!

Mileage: 8.00
Avg HR: 159
T/W: 77/sunny, wind

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