Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week of 11/7 Runs

This week is the first in a 3 week taper to the Philadelphia Marathon.

Mileage: 18.00
Time/Pace: 2:52:01/9:33
Avg HR/Max HR: 141/161
Elevation: 1520 ft

Good long run. The course I took has one pretty nasty 3-mile climb, but is balanced well with some downhill work.

Sunday-5 Mile Tempo
Mileage (w/wu&cd): 7.00
Tempo Splits: 7:15, 7:17, 7:16, 7:20, 7:12
Time/Pace: 53:45/7:40
Avg HR/Max HR: 150/164
Elevation: 141ft

Tempo work on flatter land, so much easier than the hills, duh, right?

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