Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Getting Closer....

My first marathon that is! 10 days away...yikes!

I've been putting in some quality work this week.

Monday: 4 mile run, 36:53/9:13, 147 HR

Tuesday: 30 min Bike, Strength and Core work

Wednesday: 60 min bike, 45 min aqua jog

Today I did a 3 mile tempo run...I must say, this was tough. My body was sore and a bit tired from pushing really hard.

Tempo Mile Splits: 7:46, 7:49, 7:45
Totals w/wu & cd
Mileage: 5.27
Time/Pace: 45:14/8:35
Avg HR: 158

Hips is still tender, but tolerable. This evening a did 30 minutes on the bike and core work.

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