Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bengal Run 5K

Nice day for a race, a bit chilly, but overall good.

I was hoping to run at least as fast as I did last 5K (19:29). Course was nice and flat, not too much wind, so this was possible. However, about .25 into the race I felt my HR skyrocket and this was confirmed with a 202 on my HR monitor. I slowed it down quite a bit and finished mile 1 @ 6:30, well off my desired pace. My HR stabilized nicely and I was able to run mile 2 at 6:16. From there I gave it all I could and ran a 6:05 for the final mile and a 5:45 pace for the final .10, finishing at 19:30, 1 second off my best.

I also placed 1st in my age group out of 27!
Time/Pace: 19:30/6:16
Avg HR/Max HR: 165/208
Elevation: 40ft


  1. is this the first picture you've ever posted of yourself?!? Congrats on your AG Win!

  2. Yes, first picture! Who wants to look at a fat guy?!? Thanks!