Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shamrock Run 8K (a.k.a. Careful What You Wish For)

I've been complaining about the cold weather hampering my outdoor running for most of the winter. I've begged Mother Nature to give me anything above 32. Today she delivered. I guess I wasn't specific enough, because with the 45 degrees, she also gave me rain and a ridiculous wind ( somewhere in the 25-30mph range, with gusts of 35+).

The first 3 miles of this race delivered a nice pace for me. I was at a 6:30ish pace. However, at the 3 mile marker we turned into the wind and rain. When I say turned into it, I really mean right into the teeth of the storm. My pace dropped from a 6:30 to a 7:20 instantly. I tried to find some shelter by tucking close behind some other runners, but this was of little relief. The rain turned to little jagged balls of ice at one point. Delightful. Certain gusts actually stood me up and I felt as though I was actually moving backwards. At 4.25 or so, we finally turned away from the wind and I was able to manage a 6:38 pace for the final mile.

I'm certainly pleased with my performance, given the circumstances, but I really need some better running weather.

Mother Nature: I request 35-45, 5 mph winds or less and sun. I know, it is a lot to ask especially in Buffalo.

Mileage: 4.98
Time/Pace: 33:33/6:43
Avg HR/Max HR: 161/178
12/312 in age group, 94/3439 overall

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