Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How It's Done!

Take a scheduled 3.75HR run, add darkness, sprinkle in some cold wind, toss running outside to the curb, mount the treadmill and go.

Yep, that's right 3.75 HOURS on the treadmill. I was determined to get this long run in today. Originally, I thought I'd be done with work early and be able to use the daylight and relative sun "warmth" to my advantage. Of course, the best laid plans.....whatever.

The key to my success tonight: decent prime time programming. I started about 6:30 with the evening news, 7pm Sabres vs. Rangers (3-2 Sabres, nice!), 8:30ish flip flop between Idol (I know, don't say it!) and Sabres, and finished with 1/2 an episode of The Office.

This made the time fly by relatively fast. I also tried a bit of an "ultra-marathon" strategy, consisting of run/walk intervals. Beginning with mile 18, I briskly walked for the first .1 mile and then ran the remainder .9 at a pace that kept me in line with my 9:15/mile pace. I used to be dead set against walking at all, but I figure if I can keep a certain pace and throw in some brief periods of walking to keep the legs fresh, then why not?!?

Mileage: 24.50
Time/Pace: 3:45:01/9:11
Avg HR/Max HR: 133/164

Oh, BTW, my Idol picks for top 5 men are (in no particular order): Jacob, Casey, James, Paul & Scotty. Go ahead crucify me now!

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