Monday, November 9, 2009

Cardic Monday

So do you think you are in shape? I found a new cross training workout I decided to try today. I proved to myself how horribly out of shape I still am.

Here's the basics:

The idea of this workout is to break through the "wall" runners talk about.

Done on an Up-Right Stationary Bike, w/1-20 level settings, do everything seated to focus on quads, hamstrings and calves.

Warm Up
3 min @ Level 6 100RPM
2 min @ Level 8 100 RPM

Work Out (Repeat this section 3 times)
30 sec @ Level 16 100RPM, 30 sec @ Level 8 100RPM (repeat 5 times)
2 min @ Level 6 100 RPM

Cool Down
4 min @ Level 6 70RPM

I got through the warm up and the 1st 3 repeats of 16/30, 8/30 and then crashed and burned. I stepped it back to 12/30, 6/30 and finished the first set of 5. I then took 5 minutes to recover instead of the suggested 2. I started the second set at 12/30, 6/30 but could only get through 2 more repeats and could barely spin for 4 more minutes for a grand total of 20 minutes.

All I can say is WTF!! It kicked my ass. Walking back to my hotel was like trying to balance on two stacks of jello! Yikes. I think I just found a new kick ass off day workout to punish myself with.

I also recommitted to some semblance of a healthy diet. Here's what I have eaten so far:

Breakfast: pineapple and other mixed fruit, quad espresso

Lunch: big salad with tomatoes, walnuts, sunflower seeds, red pepper and some Italian Dressing, more fruit and cottage cheese

Afternoon "Snack": some grapes and a Kashi Southwest Chicken

Dinner: more Kashi and fruit

Evening Snack: TBD, probably more fruit and cottage cheese

My food day at a time....hey is that Taco Bell in the distance?


  1. That program sounds awesome-- I never use the stationary bike-- but I am going to give that plan a try. I can't wait to hear if it helps you running-- let me know.

    Like your menu. Do you take cheat days?

  2. Cheat day? Pretty much everyday, that's the problem. I love eating, even when I'm stuffed. I must be wired wrong, but I'm trying to break the habit.