Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lindsay's Legacy 5K

In my final tune up before the Turkey Trot, I decided that I would be setting another PR for the 5K distance. Yep, just like that, no question, I will do it. I have felt so great all week, tons of energy, could it be that I stuck to some good eating habits? No fast food for over a week.

My plan was to break my previous best, 23:09. I figured I'd shoot for a 7:25 pace. For whatever reason, I got away from my negative split strategy that I started my running "career" with. For the past few races, I have picked a pace and tried to hit each each mile. I think I might go back to the negative split strategy. My splits for this race were 7:22, 7:24, and 7:39 with a 6:09 pace for the last .10. Anyway, still a 23:00, I really wanted to get in the 22's, but still happy with the result.

Mileage: 3.09
Time/Pace: 23:00/7:26
Avg HR: 171


  1. Congrats on your PR! You're in a good spot before the Trot. And yes, try to get back to the negative splits if you can. Of course, listen to me... I can't negative split to save my life after my race this morning! Well, enjoy the Trot!

  2. good job on the pr. Glad to see your enthusiasm for the sport is still high !