Thursday, January 7, 2010


For today's speed workout, I debated whether our not to do it outside. The temperature was a bit milder (relative to the rest of the week.) So I, hit the track, but with mixed feelings. It was nice to be outside after the past couple of indoor runs, but the track was slick. They do plow it (asphalt track), but still had a bit of snow (with some ice). My traction wasn't the best and I could feel my legs adjusting to this. I know I lost some of my power from the little bit of slipping I was doing, but that was to be expected I guess.

I was shooting for 7:32/pace and fell a bit short, again because of the track condition, I wasn't to concerned about this. Splits: 7:33, 7:41, 7:53. I started out feeling strong, but the slippery traction took its toll on me at the end. Still, a satisfying run.

Totals (w/wu&cd):

Mileage: 6.25
Time/Pace: 56:21/9:01
Avg HR: 155
T/W: 27 (WC19)

Yesterday I did my bike cross training workout.


  1. Good for you for sticking with speed work at this time of year, FGR! If you don't mind me asking...what track are you practicing at? The one closest to me is NEVER plowed, which makes it a bit tough to use after it has snowed. Well anyway, I hope that your marathon training continues to go smoothly!

  2. I travel to Binghamton duriong the week and there is a local school that has a 400M track. They plow it and it's lit all night. Not bad, really, but it was a bit icy. I am going to try the local Y next week, they have an indoor track.