Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Remembering Why I Run

Boy, it was tough dragging myself out to run today. My body fought it every step of the way. My legs were tired from last night's bike workout, but I was determined to get out anyway. Every step was more difficult than usual, it wasn't terribly cold, but still a struggle. To take my mind off of this I made a mental note of why I'm doing this:

1) I feel good when I'm done. There's nothing like saying to yourself, hey, I ran 7 miles today!
2) I want to look better. I've dropped over 30lbs since April and want to continue the loss, washboard abs here I come!
3) I want to feel better. All this running is forcing me to make better eating choices. I still struggle mightily with this but it is getting better. Most I feel better, I don't have such a weight in my stomach from all the crappy eating.
4) I'm accomplishing something worthwhile. I have run a half-marathon, and am working towards a full. I will be part of a small community of people that have done this.

These thoughts got me through today's run, even though I wanted to quit and curl back up in bed.

Mileage: 7.00
Time/Pace: 1:05:54/9:25
Avg HR: 150
T/W: 33 (27 WC), sunny

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