Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finishing Up My "Rest Week"

Last day of my "rest week" although I still logged 27 miles. No long runs or speed work, a bit of time for the body to heal a little. With my marathon training at the half way point, I am looking ahead at some of my upcoming workouts. I am going to tweak my schedule a bit this week and try to get my long run in on Thursday. This is mostly because I have a 5K race scheduled and don't want to run 16 miles the day before this race. 6 more miles today, on the treadmill.

Mileage: 6.00
Time/Pace: 56:30/9:25
Avg HR: 142
Incline: 1.00

1 comment:

  1. Good luck at the Penguin Run, FGR! I've run it for the last few years now. Just be sure you get there early, and be prepared if they don't have the last side-street before Niagara Falls Boulevard plowed before the race (I mean the side street right before the end of the race). It's supposed to be snow/sleet, so be forewarned! Glad to see you are running my school's race in February! We always love to see more runners showing up to give the race a try.