Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Smell That Fried Chicken?

So here I sit in my hotel room, ready to go out of my mind. I have been determined to change my eating habits. Yes, I know I have said this countless times throughout the years, and something always trips me up. Actually I find some excuse to pig out like, "Hey, It's Summer" or a friendly challenge of "Can you eat this whole bag of cookies tonight?"

I've been "good" since Friday, back on the point counting wagon. Now I sit here, smelling whatever deliciousness the guy next door is undoubtedly devouring. It smells like fried chicken. I have the sudden urge to hop in the car and get some KFC, which is weird, because I don't ever eat that, even in my darkest of eating days. Or maybe, Taco Bell or find some wings. Grrrr....I must resist....

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