Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some Runners Need a Fashion Makeover

I don't claim to be the most fashionable dresser. I try my best, but I'm sure I could always use improvement. In fact, I have always said I am envious of the gay friends I have, not because of their love for other man (that doesn't interest me at all, not that there is anything wrong with that), but I love their style. I wish I could pull it off like they do. However, some people that I see out when I run make me want to take them aside and say, "Hey man, what are you thinking?!?!" I would provide this service free of charge, kind of like it's a good deed for mankind. Like today, for instance. There I am sporting a well thought out running outfit, matching Under Armour gear, that included black shorts, black compression shirt with red trim, black fleece, black gloves, a black hat with red lettering. Even my sports drink was red. The only thing that didn't go would be my shoes, white, but I had to go with what was available at Fleet Feet(believe me if I had the same shoes in black I'd be wearing those). So, I pass this guy, wearing a peach (salmon?) tank top, light green shorts, white sneakers, and....wait for it....I kid you not.....BLACK SOCKS, and not the athletic kind either, looked like dress socks. Oh jeez....I must say there are also people out there that look as though they put tons of effort into making their "look" work. To even it out, I would certainly be willing to stop them and say, "Hey, nice job on the outfit. Keep it up! The world thanks you." That would probably be creepy though. I guess I'll just keep having these imaginary conversations in my head, and then write about them later.

Oh, I ran 12 miles today...

Mileage: 12.00
Time/Pace: 1:58:50/9:54
Avg HR: 149

My legs hurt. I soaked myself in a cold bath afterwards, and that was nice. The day is all downhill from here, as I will just have to watch the Bills. Is it too late to donate for the billboard?


  1. the black socks are hilarious. I once ran a guy wearing a Survivor buff, I guess people really do buy those things.

  2. funny post! your title grabbed me!!! 12 miles?? you rock!

  3. Welcome, Olga! I hope you enjoy my mental meanderings. I find the longer I run, the more crazy stuff I think about. The fun has just begun!