Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Extra Run and Some New Gear

I wasn't planning on running today, but my wife wanted to, so I figured what the heck. I wanted to try out some new gear I got anyway, so this was a perfect time to do it.

First off, yesterday I purchased a pair of Zoot Active Compression Socks. At a price tag of $59.99, I was a bit apprehensive of getting these, but I have to say I liked using them. My legs felt quite envigorated the entire run (3 miles). They squeeze the lower leg very well and I felt my calves tingling (in a good way). They are foot specific, labeled L and R. The true test will be to see how they benefit me during longer runs.

I also purchased a new pair of shoes for my fall/early winter running, anticipating dirt roads, uneven surfaces and maybe some mud, and snow. I stepped a bit outside of the box with the Puma Night Fox. They are pretty plush as far as cushioning and I found the toe box a bit snug. It certainly wasn't annoying for the run, but a bit tighter than my last pair. Again, the true test will be in longer runs and terrain. On a positive note, they were only about $75, the cheapest pair of running shoes I've purchased in a while. I also have a pair of Saucony's for the winter, but I'll address those when I start using them.
My run today was just an easy 3 miles.
Mileage: 3.00
Time/Pace: 24:42/8:14
Avg HR/Max HR: 139/155
T/W: 55/sunny, wind

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