Saturday, October 16, 2010

Richard Sarkin Memorial 5K

It was a decent day for a run, a bit chilly, but sunny and not a huge amount of wind. This course is pretty similar to the Komen race I ran in June. My goal for this race was to start with a 6:35 mile, see how I felt and then go for a sub-20min time. There was pretty decent organization for this race, except that traffic control was a bit lacking. There were plenty of volunteers on the course, but it was unclear to them on how and when to control traffic. On Elmwood, the runners were actually running in the right lane with cars driving in the left lane. When I was finished with my run, I started walking back to see how my wife was doing and I actually had to direct some traffic on my own, to help the runners. Oh well, I shouldn't complain too much, after all I was running and my wife was too.

Speaking of my wife, she now has been very committed to running for over two months. She bought a great pair of shoes (Newton's) and is following a training plan I designed for her, which includes a long run and speed work. Today she blew away her best time by almost 3 minutes! I love seeing the sense of pride and achievement in her and seeing the same discovery of this wonderful sport that I went through almost 2 years ago. Check out her new running/life blog at D. Rock Runs.

Back to my race...mile 1 included that pesky little mini hill, bump, whatever you want to call it, that I always find annoying, 6:34. Ok, feeling good so push a bit faster and mile 2 comes in at 6:23. Got a bit winded in my last mile, but held pace for 6:24. As I came around the final roundabout, I could see the clock and finish line, 19:48...19:49...19:50....full throttle...19:54, 19:55,19:56...uuuggggghhhhhh...19:58, 19:59....line....????? 20:00, exactly!

Mileage: 3:12
Time/Pace: 20:00/6:25
Avg HR/Max HR: 164/179
Elevation: 54 ft
T/W: 48, sunny, cool

9th out of 163 overall, 2nd out of 11 in my age group.

On to the 19's!!
On to 19's!!!!

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