Saturday, September 5, 2009

Checking In

I'm still resting my knee. I haven't run since Tuesday. Well, okay, so I ran a LITTLE BIT yesterday. My wife is doing the coach to 5K program, so I ran her daily workout with her. Other than that nothing, but upper body weight work. I'm itching for a run, but am erring on the side of caution. Today I have been wearing my Ace wrap all day, and the knee feels better. The latest plan is to run the 15K as a "test" for my running time strategy and to check out the knee. I may get a short distance (3-4 miles) in mid-week and then nothing until the half on next Sunday. I am confident that my fitness level (small as that is) won't go out the window and the lay off won't hurt me too much. After the half, I'll re-assess, but the plan is a solid week of rest with maybe a 5K. Then a good 8 weeks of building up mileage and various 5K's throughout the fall. At the end of November, the plan is to begin training for a marathon (Shamrock Marathon, Virginia Beach, in March). Whew...we'll see.

Also, if there are any bikers out there looking for a new shop in town check out Tri-Spot. They just opened and are the only local dealer of Cervelo. They have a winter time-trial series that uses a virtual reality race simulator that I am thinking about signing up for. I still need to purchase a bike, but I think I am going for the Cervelo S1.

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  1. Good luck in the 15K! Take it easy if your knee acts up, especially with your half-marathon coming up...