Monday, September 7, 2009

Run into Buffalo 15K

Big test for me this morning. This is my first attempt at this distance in a race. I was a bit on edge, not having run since Tuesday, because of my questionable knee. Before the race, I tested the knee both with and without the knee wrap. I decided to go without the wrap.

The course is basically the Turkey Trot course, out and back. My plan was to test my pace to see if a sub-2hr half marathon was possible. I didn't feel the best waking up. I had a very active weekend and was up late spending time with friends. I was very groggy this morning when I woke. Anyway...

My thoughts were to start at an 8:40 pace, drop :05 for the first 4 miles and then hold at 8:25 for miles 4-6. Then continue the drop for 7-9, for an average pace of 8:25.

It started off well...

Mile 1: 8:40 goal/ 8:37 actual (-:03)
Mile 2: 8:35/ 8:37 (+:02)
Mile 3: 8:30/8:30 (+:00)

Some incline, that was more intense than it looked, but a nice descent too...

Mile 4: 8:25/8:33 (+:08), long gradual descent, took more out of me than I thought it would.
Mile 5: 8:25/8:25 (+:00), ok, back on track, but need the descent to help out.
Mile 6: 8:25/8:45 (+:25), sucking air now, more incline

Just survive....

Mile 7: 8:20/9:19 (+:59), more incline, ugh.....just breathe...lots of people passing me.....
Mile 8: 8:15/8:56 (+:41), I made a deal with myself, just get under 9mins, help from the descent
Mile 9: 8:10/9:23 (+1:13), yeah are SO FAT!!!!
Last .3: 2:25/2:33 (+:08), sprinted to the finish....well SPRINT is a loose interpretation....

What did I learn?

1) I'm still FAT and out of shape.
2) I can survive a race, even when everything tells me to "Stop, this is stupid!"
3) Get better sleep the night before.
4) Eat better, you won't feel so crappy in the morning (aka. Food Hangover = Not Good for a Race)

This race was pretty neat other than my obvious deficiencies. I like the out and back race route. It allowed two opportunities to see the leaders zoom past. It is interesting to note the body type changes as runners pass by. The leaders were a long and thin, in top running shape. As the race progressed, the waistlines expand and the muscle structures become less obvious. Guess what group I was in? The round, sweaty balls blundering along somewhere in the middle.

Mileage: 9.32
Time/Pace: 1:21:41/8:45

Temp: 65
Weather: Sunny, Cool

The good news is that if I can run this pace for the half I will finish under 2 hours (1:54:37). This pace even gives me a handful of minutes to "play" with.

After the race, my knee felt good, even walking on it. The rest was successful. This week will consist of mostly rest too. I don't want to push it too hard. I will probably get in one or two runs in the 3-5mile range, just to stay loose, otherwise saving it all for Sunday.


  1. Nice work, FGR! Don't worry about the parts of your race that slowed up a bit --- that's all part of learning how to run longer distances. And you did the right thing as this race should help prepare you for your half-marathon next weekend.

    And yes, darn those thin people who run by us normal-sized people at ANY point in a race. Seriously, many people got up this morning on a holiday to run 9+ miles in a race? Not as many as you as thin as the people passing you may have been, don't diminish what YOU accomplished today!

    I'm glad your knee was feeling okay after the 15K. Take it easy this week, and best of luck to you in your half-marathon!

  2. Thanks for your support! I hoping someday to be one of those skinny people at the front. Hope to see you there with me!