Sunday, September 27, 2009

Linda Yalem 5K

Perfect race day weather, cool, cloudy, a bit of rain, but before we get into the race I need to discuss my pre-race prep, or lack thereof. I need to develop a consistent plan leading up to a race, including what I eat the night before, how much I sleep and the race day ritual. Right now, I pretty much do whatever, and get out and race. Last night, I was up past midnight, playing cards with the boys. I was thinking the whole time that I really should be in bed, but I couldn't pull myself away. I woke up early this morning feeling groggy and for a split second (or 2 snoozes with the alarm clock) thought on bailing. I sucked it up and went and enjoyed the run. It is always worth dragging myself out to run, even when I don't initially want to. I feel so much better afterwards.

On t0 the race: My plan today was the same as last week. I was going for consistency in my mile pace at 7:40. However, this didn't go exactly to plan. The first mile was tough, due to the large crowd. Mile 2, I stepped it up, and was able to hang in there for the 3rd mile. However, according to my GPS, this race was a bit longer than 3.1 miles, actually 3.13.

Mile: Goal/Actual (+/-)

Mile 1: 7:40/7:49 (+:09)
Mile 2: 7:40/7:33 (-:07)
Mile 3: 7:40/7:38 (-:02)
Last .1: 45:/51 (+:06)

So, two thoughts on this. I feel as though I met my goal even though the last .10 was longer than I had planned. My overall time wasn't better than my previous best, and yet my pace is lower. Is that a PR? Yes and no, I guess.


Mileage: 3.13
Time/Pace: 23:50/7:38
Avg Heart Rate: 167

Temp: 61
Weather: Cool, Cloudy, Some Rain

Last .10:

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