Thursday, September 10, 2009

Holy Hills, Batman!

One thing about this area I'm working in now, it a much more hilly than home. Take today for instance. I left the hotel this morning, and ran around the neighborhood and immediately hit some hills the likes I've never dealt with. One hill in particular was just silly. I will now attempt some serious math to give you a better idea.

Gradient= Rise/Run

1100ft (top of hill) - 729 ft (ele. at bottom of hill) = 371 ft

.81 mile (at top of hill) - .63 mile (at bottom of hill) = .18 mile

Gradient = 2061ft/mile

Ok, so what is the percentage read on....isn't math fun!!

So first convert .18 miles to feet and that is...let's see....oh yeah...duh (!)...1478 ft...

Ok so then using Rise/Run....

371/1478 = 25% (Yikes!!)

Tough and something I haven't experienced before. I'll have to do more of this.

Mileage: 3.11
Time/Pace: 31:23/10:05
Avg Heart Rate: 140

Temp: 60
Weather: Sunny


  1. Not bad considering the hills!

    I have found inclines are all mental. It really is mind over matter--- I have success by telling myself each time I encounter one that " I LOVE HILLS" and keep repeating it in my head over and over. It helps me get over the hills-- and always remember when you go up-- you must come down-- so there's always a reward after every hill-- an easy downhill run!

  2. I'm excited about the hills. A new challenge!!!

  3. I have always disliked hills, but my friend's husband suggested a few weeks back that I just think of hills like running up a set of stairs. It takes me back to my high school track days when the team would spend hours running up the stairs of the school...but it seems to have worked so far!

    Good luck in your half-marathon tomorrow!