Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swimming Again

Today I went out and got a pair of goggles and a nose plug. HUGE HELP!! I swam for another 20 minutes and did my medicine ball core workout. MY biggest problem swimming is getting a breathing rhythm and while keeping my head in the water. The lifeguard on duty must think I look like a flailing cat, that was thrown in the water and is desperately trying to get to the edge. Oh well. It can't get any worse. Well...unless I drown.


  1. Don't worry FGR...we all look like flailing cats in the water, even those of us who were once varisty swimmers in high school (re: me!). Well, we all look like that unless you are Michael Phelps. Stick with it...swimming is harder than running and can do nothing else but to add to your physical fitness, thereby improving your running ability.

    BTW, congrats on your half-marathon. You did a great job! Good luck at the Lebro's race on Saturday.

  2. Here's a breathing tip. If you're swimming freestyle, breathe to the rhythm of your strokes. I breathe every five strokes, and every three when I'm tired . Hope that helps :)