Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Night Before

Tomorrow is the "big day". I've trained hard, had a few setbacks, a few victories, a few disappointments.

Going through my mind tonight....

1) Did I eat the right food?
2) Did I train enough?
3) Am I going to make it?
4) Will I meet my goal?
5) Will I wake up on time?
6) Should I eat one banana or two tomorrow morning?
7) Am I going to look silly with my fuel belt on?
8) What if I don't finish.....


I'm sure I won't sleep much tonight, which is silly, because I'm not trying to win.

My strategy is the following...

Mile 1-3 8:55
Mile 4-6 8:50
Mile 7-9 8:45
Mile 10-13 8:40
Last .1 1:00

If I can accomplish this, I will run 1:55:10/8:47. Is this possible? Yes. Will I do it? Hopefully. Time will tell....