Friday, December 11, 2009

Bailing on Today's Run

I woke up with every intention of getting out for a run today. I was half dressed and then mistakenly checked the temperature, 19F, -1F Wind Chill. I was already cold getting ready, so I chickened out. I just got done reading Anton Krupicka's blog about running in the cold and now I just feel like a wimp. Oh well....there's always tomorrow.

I ordered a foot pod today, that will sync to my Garmin GPS watch and allow me to track my mileage while on a treadmill. I even paid the extra $20 for next day delivery. Have I become a slave to my gadgets?!?


  1. I ran in a race today (no cold weather here so I don't have the chance to wimp out) and there was a lady who ran with no MP3, no Garmin, not even a simple watch. It looked crazy to me. I like having a gadget or 2. Have fun on the treadmill, Amy

  2. As to to the gadget question, maybe....I also have a Garmin, but mainly use it so I have a good idea of how far I ran and the pace. I don't keep a log book at all anymore. I used to be a serious runner in college and the few years after. Now that I'm over 50 (and even when i was 40 or younger), I decided I have enough other real life issues, that running should be enjoyable, so I stopped keeping a log book. In fact, sometimes, I even go for a run without the Garmin or (gasp) without a stopwatch. On these occasions, I often run on trails or grass, and simply enjoy running. As Forrest Gump said "I was runnninnngggg!"