Tuesday, December 8, 2009


As Sunday's long run approached I was feeling good. I had skipped a race I wanted to do, but made up for it with a run that I got through without any concerns. It was a bit colder do to the wind, but with my gear I was confident I'd be okay. So off I went....

Things started out fine. For this run I was going to maintain a 9:35 pace throughout. First four miles....no problem 9:35, 9:34, 9:36, 9:36, right on target. Then something happened...I slammed head first into the biggest wall I've ever experienced. Marathon runners talk about hitting this physical and mentalwall around mile 20. I haven't ran a marathon yet, but I bet this is exactly how it feels. My legs just quit on me, my body got tense and sore, my arms wouldn't swing. Still I pushed on. I thought about what was going on and couldn't figure it out at first. I put in a decent amount of miles so far this week, but had felt no extreme tiredness or soreness. Then I figured it out. It was about 2pm and I hadn't eaten a thing today. WHAT (?!?!)...you say, me not eat. I've talked at length about how food is center in my life, so for me to forget to eat is bizarre. Hey, it happens, I guess.

Equipped with only my Accelerade (which accounts for about 400 calories or so), I pressed on, each step harder then the next. For the next few miles, I struggle to keep my pace close to my target, but I was fading fast...9:41, 9:39, 9:44,10:26. I passed a shortcut back home and seriously considered throwing the towel in, but I didn't. I fought on, telling myself that if I can get through this, it will make me stronger (cue comments on how bad this is!) I did finally finish in what I call survival mode; just finish! The final 4 miles split out at 11:10, 11:47, 11:42, 11:43.

What lesson was learned? Fuel before a run!

Mileage: 12.00
Time/Pace: 2:04:19/10:21
Avg HR: 164
Temp: 34

My Garmin watch estimated that I burned 2215 calories, so I hopped on the scale just to see where I was. I couldn't believe my eyes 208.8! This is probably some negative reinforcement to not eat before I run and get the weight down, but how I felt I won't soon forget. It's now Tuesday, and my body is still achy, but I will press on...

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  1. Ah, the classic "bonk"... I've been there, too. It's amazing how you can get so focused on getting out and running that you end up forgetting a necessary basic: eating! Hey, lesson learned, right? Good luck in the Snowball 5K. It sounds like there might actually be some snow to accompany it!