Monday, July 12, 2010

Lactate Threshold


I want to run faster. I want to bike faster.

Today, I did some research about time trial training and found some interesting articles and training programs that focus on lactate threshold. The idea is to do interval training at or slightly above your lactate threshold to build strength and speed.

Here's how the program told me how to calculate my LT, using a heartrate monitor.

1) 15 min warm up, cycling through all of the gears 90RPM.
2) 30 min bike at as fast a speed I can sustain for 30min.
3) Take the avg HR for the last 20min, this is my LT.

Results?!? LT = 147 BPM.

I did this on as flat of a section of road as I could. What I found was I was trying to maintain an even burn in my legs while keeping the cadence high. Also, interesting to note was my avg speed: 22.4, right about my pace on my last TT, where I was riding as hard as I could. Hmmmm....

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