Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3am?!? Yeah, I Don't Think So!

Sometimes the ideas you have during the day, don't sound nearly as good at 3am. Let me explain. I was planning on getting in a 16 mile run this morning. In order to do this and get to work on time I'd need to get up by 3am. No problem right? So, I go to bed early get all of my thing ready, but then couldn't fall asleep, as I was thinking about waking up at 3. The more I thought about it, the more pressure there was to fall asleep and thus, more tossing and turning. Finally, when the alarm went off as scheduled, I jump out of bed staggered to the bathroom, thinking the whole time how ridiculous this was. I began to bargin with myself, and convinced myself to sleep for 2 more hours, get in a 5 mile run then and do my long run on Friday morning when I should have more time.

Mileage: 5.00
Time/Pace: 42:02/8:24
Splits: 8:28, 8:25, 8:23, 8:27, 8:18
Elevation Gain: 135ft
Avg HR/Max HR: 137/155
T/W: 60, cool, breezy

Last night, I did some hill training on my bike. In the area I work there is a course that was used in a past Empire State Games, so I tried it. In a word, Tough!

Mileage: 17.29
Time/Avg Sp/Max Sp: 1:03:37/16.3/36.3
Elevation Gain: 1451ft
Avg HR/Max HR: 134/159
T/W: 70, sun

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