Sunday, September 26, 2010

Linda Yalem 5K

Simple goal: 20:59

I feel as though I have made tons of strides, literally and figuratively, and today I was feeling pretty good. The weather cooperated as well; no wind, upper 40's at gun and sunny. Gloves were a must, as my hands are always getting cold, but shorts and sleeveless shirt otherwise. I figured I'd start out slowish, 6:50 and see how it went from there. The pace was a bit slow at the start, due to the log jam of anxious runners, some probably just like me, trying to best their previous record. It did open up about .75 miles into the race, and it was on! I finished the first mile in 6:48 and felt as though I was holding back. The second mile felt even better; 6:35. Wow! Definately ahead of pace, and body feeling great. I figured to just let it all out, give it what I could and see what happens. A 6:29 is what happened! That followed by a 5:25 pace for the last .1. Needless to say, I met my goal and what's even better, I felt super doing it! sub-20 here I come.

Mileage: 3.12
Time/Pace: 20:32/6:35
Avg HR/Max HR: 161/191
Elevation: 17ft
T/W: 48/sun, cool

Celebration meal?!? Wings, onion rings, fries and ice cream!! Back at it tomorrow!!!


  1. Yeah! Congrats! I wish I could run that fast...I imagine it must be so much fun. Good work!

  2. This is really something! The fact that you felt good, of course, means something was left in the tank. Also, running at a 5:25 pace for the last .1 also means possibly a little too much left. However, I'm all for negative splits, but even splits, or possibly even slightly faster first mile will probably produce the fastest overall times. I always preferred negative splits in college, but found that psychologically, it was hard to make up ground on the leaders if I went too slow at the beginning. However, in both our cases now, we're not trying to win, and there is plenty of competition the whole way, so the pyschology isn't a huge factor. I agree with your goal of Sub-20. You may have to do some track speed workouts (such as quarters) to get there.