Thursday, September 16, 2010

Abreviated Brick Workout

Crappy weather = shortened Brick workout. I was going to practice my transitions and length for my upcoming duathlon, 2m run, 10m bike, 2m run, 10m bike, 2m run. However, I was forced inside, so I did 2m run, 30min stationary bike (boring!), 2m run.

Run 1
Mileage: 2.00
Time/Pace: 16:52/8:26
Avg HR/Max HR:136/144

Time: 30 min
HR: 140-150

Run 2
Mileage: 2.00
Time/Pace: 16:41/8:21
Avg HR: 147/160

Legs felt decent after the bike. Top of foot sore from the marathon.

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