Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Another attempt at some speed work today. I did this one on the track, nice soft surface, running in circles (or ovals) is a bit tedious. I started and finished with a 1-mile slow jog. I walked for 200m in between each 800 repeat. Here are my splits along with the peak heart rate for each.

1: 3:40/163
2: 3:42/166
3: 3:42/171
4: 3:43/171
5: 3:43/173
6: 3:45/173

I give myself an A+ for consistency, but and F for feeling good afterwards. Speed work kills me, does it ever get any better?!?

Total Stats
Mileage: 5.00
Avg Heart Rate: 153

Temp: 75
Weather: Sunny, Medium Humidity


  1. Great work-- I REALLY need to get some speed work in-- what track do you use?

    Sorry I haven't been responding to your blog-- I have you confused with "The Running Fat Guy", he is also a blogger and I assumed you were the same person. I then checked Erin C.'s blog and noticed you are from Western NY as well!!

    Running any races this week?

  2. FGR, track work/speed work does get easier...sometimes. It can help if you have others to run with, or id you have a background in track (like high school or something). If you're ever interested, I can pass along information about the local club I run for, the Greater Buffalo Track Club. We do speed workouts together once a week, through the middle of September. Or, if you want someone to run with during speed workouts, let me know. I'm always up for some company...the same offer goes out to you, Patrick! And FGR, those are some pretty good 800 times for the weather we've had recently. You sound like you're on the verge of a drop in your 5K time!

  3. PT/EC- I'd love some info on the Track Club. This is actually the first workout that I've done on the track, I used Tonawanda High School's track. It has one of those all-weather surfaces I think. It was quite soft, which was nice.

    I was hoping to run the Mississippi Mudd's race on Saturday, but my wife has overruled that with a lovely co-ed bridal shower (gag reflex kicking in.) So, I'm looking at the Moonlight Run next Wednesday. After that, I'm looking at the 5K in Williamsville on the 29th, the 15K Run Fleet Feet, and then the half-marathon.