Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bloody Nips and the Trail

I had some more track work on the schedule today, but my late wake up and looming race tomorrow suggested that I should alter my schedule. I thought, "Maybe a nice little trail run would be a good change of pace." I hadn't been back to Chestnut Ridge since I checked it out for a 3-miler in June. I decided to do five there today.

That trail is an ass kicker in certain spots. I wiped out a couple of times going downhill. The first time going down a pretty steep decline, I lost my footing and let out a pretty girly shriek. Good thing that no one was around. The second time was actually going uphill on a muddy section. I was able to catch myself both times and no damage was done. This is definitely a different kind of running. Much slower and much, much more technical. I love it! I wish this trail was closer as I would use it much more. I might check out Sprague Brook later in the week.

On to the nips...After my run I was stretching and I looked down and saw this (see picture above.) I didn't really feel anything during the run. They are a bit tender to the touch, but other than that no problem. Probably grossed out some of the people I ran past. This used to happen when I wore cotton shirts, but hasn't really been an issue since I switched to the tech shirts. Oh well. Another good story to tell, I guess.

Mileage: 5.00

Time/Pace: 1:00:50/12:10

Avg Heart Rate: 150

Temp: 84
Weather: Partly Sunny, Humid


  1. sorry about the bloody nips...and thanks for the pic - eww!


  2. Thanks! It happens. More humorous than painful.

  3. Sorry dude about the nips-- that sucks and they always hurt more the next day.

    one word: bodyglide-- You can get it at FleetFeet on Deleware. It's the best. I HATE wearing nipple guards.

    I HAVE to check out Chestnut Ridge-- I have heard about the trails there from a lot of people-- i just never make it to the Southtowns.

  4. Ouch, FGR! That picture alone looks painful! Patrick is right --- get yourself some bodyglide so that you don't lose more layers of skin, and blood for that matter.

    Chestnut Ridge is a great place to run. There is always a challenge around every corner. The Chestnut Ridge 10K Challenge will take place on 10/31, if you are interested. The course does include the infamous hill called "Mother------", for obvious reasons when you get to it!