Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Clif Shot Blocks and My Garmin

I tried a new energy food today, the Clif Shot Blocks. Fantastic! They have the texture of gummy bears and taste great too. The packaging is not as easy to deal with while running as GU, but I think I might like this product better. They are 95% organic too.

My Garmin is both a blessing and a curse. The techno nerd inside me loves all of the intricate details it gives me, but the major flaw of the watch is that when it gets wet, it does not respond to commands as well. I have problems changing the view when it is humid, if I get too sweaty or it rains. This gets frustrating, otherwise a great tool that keeps me on track.

Knee felt better today, I was going to get a soft wrap, but didn't, maybe tomorrow. I am keeping a very close eye on it as it is close to my target race and I certainly don't want to miss it.

Mileage: 6.00
Time/Pace: 56:57/9:29
Avg Heart Rate: 152

Temp: 68
Weather: Overcast, slightly humid

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