Saturday, August 8, 2009


I missed my last two workouts. Thursday, life just got in the way. Friday was my wife and I's 5th anniversary and we had the fortune of having one of the best days of the summer to enjoy, followed by a fabulous dinner. Today, was golf and a graduation party and afterwards I just had to get out and get some miles in. I didn't feel like setting or following a specific distance, so I just went out for a bit. Felt good and looking to do about 10 or so tomorrow.

Mileage: 5.28
Time/Pace: 53:29/10:07
Avg Heart Rate: 147

Temp: 66
Weather: Overcast, Light Drizzle

A bit about my nutrition. It is BAD. MY two problems with my diet and fitness has always been 1)no exercise and 2) poor, POOR diet. I think I have the first in check. I have never been this motivated to exercise and my new found love of running seems to be just blossoming. However, food is another story. I will get into this more in the near future, but just to give you a sample of how horrible it is here what I ate today: grande Java Chip Frap., cinnamon coffee cake, pretzels, 20oz. soda, two beef on wecks, two servings of jambalaya, a serving of roasted potatoes, serving of macaroni salad, piece of cake, a piece of barbecue chicken, and two light beers. It's only 8pm, so I will probably have something else before bed too. Can't wait to get into this topic further as I think it is my biggest problem and will hold back my progress.

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  1. congrats on the anniversary. and i hear you about the food. i gained 10 pounds over winter and i can't shake it. for me it's realizing that i drink 500-600 calories every day! what a waste. i've switched over to black coffee - yuk! - and diet soda's, but it's just not the same. i also find that traveling for work and/or having a life means that you sometimes need to eat out and/or have one or two beers.

    i really don't know what to do about it either. plus, since were running we need to eat some stuff to build muscle. so how do we get the protein and replace the stuff we sweated out without over-eating? let me know!