Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bike Intervals

A bit of a lackluster performance tonight.

I was looking for 5x4min intervals, getting my HR into the 82-88% (153-160 bpm), but I really struggled getting my HR in this zone. Again, my lungs were fine, but my legs could just not move enough to get my HR up.

1: 147 avg HR/151 Max HR/71 rpm/1.36 miles
2: 147/154/69/1.37
3: 148/154/70/1.36
4: 145/151/70/1.33
5: 147/154/70/1.35

Mileage: 13.01
Time/Avg Sp/Max Sp: 46:01/17.0/23.7
Avg HR/Max HR: 139/155


  1. I'm quite impressed by your overall improvement over the past year or so. You've gone from a very mediocre runner, to pushing towards the top of the pack in larger races. I think sub-19 is possible (and probable) for you, given your age and training. However, don't expect to keep lopping off big chunks at a time. You'll find that times and PRs start becoming more asymtotic after a while. The other point is don't overdo it on the training. I've now been running competitvely for close to 40 years (52 years old now) with very few injuries. It is important to take breaks of a week or so here and there throughout the year to prevent injuries and rest. (I really only run about 1,000 miles per year, if that). It seems you are doing that, with occasional planned breaks. I also had a goal of sub-19 for 5K the last few years, and finally managed it late in 2009 with an 18:48 on the track, then 18:54 at the 2009 Reindeer Run. This past year (2010), I mainly ran trail and XC races, so I didn't have any 5K times, but I ran a 5:17 indoor mile just at the end of this year, so I think I was in shape for 18:30s to 18:40 5K (just guessing). Anyway, congratulations again on your progress. Keep it up, and don't get hurt! At my age (you're still young), when I leave for a race, I tell my wife that my first goal is to "not get hurt."

  2. Thanks for the comments! It helps to know I'm not out there alone.

    I keep testing my limits and am trying not to over do it. Personality flaw?!?