Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Excuses

I could have bailed on my bike intervals tonight. My legs were feeling tired, I wimped out on my run intervals (kinda?!?) I really have no excuse to bail on a workout. I want to get stronger, faster, etc. I need to put in good effort, even when I'm tired. I like to walk that fine line of pushing myself and overtraining.

Bike Intervals this evening. 5x4min @ 82-88%MHR (153-162), 70rpm. I am still having difficultly getting into the target heart rate. My lungs are fine it is my legs that are letting me down.

Interval 1: 146 AHR/151 MHR/71rpm
2: 148/154/72
3: 145/153/70
5: 147/161/71

Mileage: 12.93
Time/Avg Sp/Max Sp:46:01/16.9/24.9
Avg HR/Max HR: 138/161

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