Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dash for the Dome 5K

Another frigid, blustery, bone chilling race in WNY. What else should I have expected. I was definitely wooed into this race by the false advertising of the race organizers (see calm winter day picture to right). Instead we had blowing and drifting snow, 25+mph winds. Wahhhh! I wasn't setting any personal records here today. Otherwise, well organized and a nice party in the warm Botanical Gardens afterwards. Nothing says fitness like beer and hotdogs!

Mileage: 3.13
Time/Pace: 22:57/7:20
Avg HR/Max HR: 184/201 (way too high!)
I finished 2nd in my age group, 10th overall (out of 155). I won 4 guest passes to visit the Gardens, who's in?!?
Oh, it's my birthday today too. (Shameless plug for many online blogger birthday wishes!)

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  1. No one was going to break any records with today's ran a really good 5K time regardless! Congrats on the age group award!

    And of course...Happy Birthday! You're a braver person than I am...I tend to be rather quiet about my birthday nowadays, on Bloggerland and elsewhere. Well, as long as you're still upright and able to run, all is well, right?