Monday, July 27, 2009

Gym Rats

What's the deal with the gym rats? I'm talking about the muscle men (boys) that spend their entire day lifting weights. It is very annoying for a fat guy like me, just trying to get in some little weight work. I'm not trying to be huge, I don't want to be huge. These guys strut around, arms so big that they can barely swing them. Then right before I refill my water bottle one hock a big snot ball into the water fountain. Thanks, buddy! Then there is a guy working out right under the sign that says "Please don't slam weights on floor." He is doing 80lbs. dumbbell presses, does about 6 reps (barely) and slams them on the floor. Really?!? Come on. Then you have the 3-4 guys all working out together, using 6 different machines. I waited for what seemed to be a window in their routine, to step in a do a set. Whoa!!! Can't do that! They were using that machine (even though they hadn't touched it in 15 minutes.) Ugh. The gym is a necessary evil, but people like that drive me nuts and make me not want to go.

Today, I did 65 minutes on the bike and my upper body weight routine. I feel recovered from my roofing and am looking forward to getting a run in tomorrow.

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