Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week In Review

Another down week. I did get a bit of running in and a bit more cross-training, but overall missed my goals. I did have a roofing project that cut into the majority of my weekend. Roofing is brutal on the body. I have tons of bumps and bruises and I hurt in places on my body that I didn't even know existed. This picture is the biggest bruise I acquired, upper right thigh. In the little running that I did, I had very little shin pain (progress?!?)

However.... here's the weeks stats:

Mileage: 7.00
Time/Pace: 1:04:53/9:16
Avg Heart Rate: 151

I'm looking to get back into rhythm this week. I'm looking to get some more trail work in. I have another potential roadblock this weekend as I am returning the roofing favors at my friend's house. Also, I have plans to run a 5K race on Wednesday. I haven't run a race since the 4th. I also will be sending in my half-marathon registration this week.

1 comment:

  1. FGR, don't worry about missing one week's goals. Sometimes life interferes --- and I'm very impressed that you (and your friends) were able to do that roof yourselves. I constantly look at my roof, expecting the worst at any point in time (the perils of owning an almost 70-year old house). I fell short of my mileage goal this week too because of the wedding reception I went to yesterday (in heels, ouch!) and my "recovery time" today. Eight miles turned into six this morning...oh, well...there's always next week! BTW, love the West Side "gang sign"! Peace out!