Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week in Review

I had a good week running. I was able to complete all of the mileage with limited issues. I felt good about my 10K and today I finished up with a solid 9 miles.


Days: 6
Mileage: 33.24
Time/Pace: 5:39:18/10:12
Avg Heart Rate: 151

Some minor aches and pains to discuss. My shins are still a bit achy. The pain hasn't gotten any worse, despite the increase in mileage. I ice and and elevate after the run. A new ache developed mid-afternoon yesterday. The inside of my foot, in the arch, near the ball of my left foot is a bit tender. It actually hurts more just walking than when I run on it. I have a scheduled day off tomorrow and I will reassess on Tuesday.


  1. Be careful with that arch, OFGR. That can sometimes be early onset plantar fasciitis, which, if not managed properly, can really mess up your training (believe me, I would know). Also, check your sneakers --- is it time for a new pair? And, inserts can help if the problem doesn't go away. I like Superfeet which you can get for $40 plus tax at Tony Walker on Main St. Good luck --- I hope it's not your plantar!

  2. I've got about 210 miles on the sneakers as of now. I went to Fleet Feet and they fitted me for the shoes. I'm wondering if it was from the 10K, I really pushed at the end and my form may have suffered a bit. Anyway, thanks for the comments and support!