Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ronald McDonald House 5K

Before I get into the actual details on the run, here are a few things that amused, annoyed, intrigued, or otherwise caught my attention during the race.

1) Junk in The Trunk: There was a 20-something year old woman who started the race in front of me. She was wearing TIGHT (!!) pink spandex shorts. Normally, I would be all for this, hoping that she could set a good pace and I would have an extra bit of motivation for the run. However, WAY TOO MUCH junk. It was pouring over the top, squeezing out the sides, and bunching underneath (I assumed that last part.) Picture this....extra large curd cottage cheese! Nasty!! Now, I'm certainly not in the best shape and I shouldn't be too judgemental, but I know what the limits of my wardrobe are. I gave up my mesh tank top half shirts after I went above 180. I no longer wear the Speedo that I graced so many beaches with. Come on girl! Look in the mirror. Cover up that pizza!!

2) Smoking Cops (And I don't mean hottttt!!!!): During the run I passed two of Buffalo's finest smoking as they were directing traffic, blocking side streets, etc. The first was at the corner of Richmond and Utica the second at the corner of Delaware and Ferry. I know that being a police officer is sometimes a thankless job. In fact, we had a moment of silence for a fallen officer right before the race. However, How unthoughtful of these people to not only smoke on the job, but at an event that celebrates fitness and health. I am debating whether or not to write a letter to the BPD to acknowledge this. If I ask my wife she would definately say "Do It!!" (She's big on addressing bad service, behavior, etc.)

3) My Garmin Watch: I got a bit frustrated with my watch today. I had a hard time getting it to stop timing at the finish line. I'm sure that the rain and humidity had something to do with it, but come on (!) for almost $400, it should be able to handle these conditions. I wonder how it will hold up when I am doing the Badwater 135 (kinda a joke, but also kinda not?!?)

4) Recognizing Other Runners: I am starting to recognize other runners that I have run with in past races. There's the foot stomper, the fast granny, Mr. Heavy Breather, and the "Ball of Fury" (all pet names I have come up with. ) I guess I'm becoming a running nerd!

5) Don't Eat at the Chinese Buffet the Day of the Race: Yeah, I know right! I went out to lunch with a work collegue and we love to go to the buffet, so I didn't even question it. After eating that first dumpling, I thought, "Hmmmm...maybe this isn't a good idea." Well, I was already there and it was all you can Guy that I am...I chowed down.

Okay on to the race details...

My plan was to break the 25 minute mark. I knew this was a bit of a challenge for me, but I had a plan.

Mile 1: Great start. .25 into the race I looked down at my watched and noticed I was going at a 7:35 pace. I slowed down a bit and finished this first mile with no problem. My split goal for this mile was 8:15 and I nailed it.

Mile 2: Time to pick up the pace a bit. I was aiming for 8:00 pace and finished at 7:59. Cool! My goal well within reach. Until....

Mile 3: It all fell apart here. Quads went back to jelly. I was definately feeling that buffet...gurgle, gurgle. Body wouldn't go any faster, though my mind was whipping it like a thoroughbred in the final furlong. I was shooting for 7:45 and missed with an 8:06 mile.

So the final stats:

Mileage: 3.13
Time/Pace: 25:11/8:03
Avg Heart Rate: 167

Nice job by the race organizers. Good route, no problems. Will definately go back next year.


  1. nice job in the race. You ran smart going easier in the first mile and then picking it up a bit. Only fading 6 seconds in the last mile is not bad at all.

  2. Nice race, FGR! This race has become one of the premier races in WNY the last few years. That means it is very crowded, and on a not-quite-as -easy-as-it-looks course.

    Congrats on your time, especially in the hot and humid weather! I'm sorry about the runner in the pink shorts --- this is something that you will see (for both genders) at a lot of races that you will run in the future. I'm not sure what to think sometimes: did they look in the mirror before they left the house, or are they really that confident in how they look? Either way, I'm a bit jealous, as I'm none of the above! Someday, I might tell the story of the guy who ran in a few races last year that I was in --- and who wore (I'm NOT joking) white spandex running pants. Someday I may tell this story. Right now, it's still too soon.

    Again, nice job on the race! What's your next race? The Badwater? Go for it! BTW, in my opinion, your wife is right --- write a letter to the BPD, just for your own conscience's sake. You're nicer than me --- I would have yelled something to them as I ran by!

  3. congrats on the time - i bet you can easily drop 11 seconds by your next race and break the 25 minute mark.

    also, i was poking around on flickr and saw that there's a santa speedo run in albany. i'm sure if you'll see lots of what-were-they-thinking outfits there. too bad it's clear across the state.