Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hill Work

This was my first attempt at hill work. Unfortunately, I don't have many hills in the area. So, a couple of weeks ago, on my way to the Outlets with my wife, we drove over the Grand Island bridge and I thought that might be a good "hill" to use. Today I tried it. I started with a 1-mile warm up and then hit the bridge. The first time over was interesting, as I was running against the traffic and the wind created by the cars was working against me. Turning the other way was literally a breeze with the traffic now with me and their wind currents pushing me along. I did four crossings. The total length of the bridge is about .75 mile.

Mileage: 5.00
Time/Pace: 51:45/10:21

Temp: 62
Weather: Cloudy, Cool

I am keeping a close eye on the aches I have, shins still sore, but not getting worse. Pain in foot, not as sore as Sunday. I will continue to monitor.

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