Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week in Review

Keeping it fresh was the theme this week. I did my first hill workout, on the Grand Island Bridge. I discovered trail running and think I am in love. Running through the rain is inspiring and motivating, though most may call it crazy. I topped it all off with today's 10-miler, the longest distance I've ever run at once.

Mileage: 33.01
Time/Pace: 5:35:50/10:10
Avg Heart Rate: 150

I've noticed my average heart rate going down week after week (I averaged 158 in mid-May for the week). This should allow me to push a bit harder, lowering my times.

Aches and pains....achy shins, right front lower near ankle, left higher up center of shin. Soreness above both knee caps at the longer distances. Left foot pain seems to have disappeared. None of these seem to be getting worse and none are unbearable during of after the run.

I'm looking forward for more trail work next week.

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