Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bike Intervals and a Tumble

Today's Workout: Bike Intervals 6x4min
1) 1.48 miles/22.2 Avg Sp/29.8 Max Sp/148 Avg HR/152 Max HR
2) 1.61/24.2/25.7/150/156
3) 1.43/21.5/23.2/152/156
4) 1.36/20.3/29.9/152/157
5) 1.43/21.4/26.3/149/155
6) 1.45/21.7/23.8/150/155

Mileage: 19.17
Time/Avg Sp/Max Sp: 1:00:11/19.1/31.1
Avg HR/Max HR: 134/157
Elevation Gain: 268
T/W: 60, cool, overcast
And then a tumble....I was done with my ride and clipped out my right foot as I was coming to a stop. I stopped and was attempting to unclip the left foot and started to fall to the left. I couldn't get my foot out in time and...TIMBER. The picture speaks for itself.

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